The establishment of Elixir Group in 1998 was a step towards achieving a vision of a powerful and profitable agriculture.

Today, with its 7 member Companies and over 1,500 employees, Elixir Group is one of the regional leaders in the chemical industry, the production of complex mineral fertilizers as well as other segments of agribusiness.

Our leading market position implies continual development and improvements to production processes.

With the latest technology and the work of highly qualified and well-trained staff, we secure the highest quality of the products. Investments in the Companies’ production capacities, product placement on global markets, as well as an increase in the number of domestic and foreign partners is responsible for Elixir Group experiencing a steady increase in annual revenues, of which as much as 70 percent came from exports.


The existing infrastructure of the industrial complex in Prahovo form an excellent basis for the future industrial and logistical development of this location, which will be attractive for various investors in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. 

The chemical complex in Prahovo exist since 1960 and was developed in phases as one of the largest projects of the planned economy in the former Yugoslavia. 
In 2012 the company Elixir Group privatized IHP Prahovo and started investments in revitalization and construction of the industrial complex, and also started production and conquering markets for the wide range of products:

  • phosphoric acid: 165,000 t P2O5 per year;
  • purification of phosphoric acid: 100,000 t P2O5 per year;
  • NPK mineral fertilizer: 600,000 t per year;
  • aluminium trifluoride (AlF3): 6,000 t per year.


In 2017, the French Phosphea, the world’s largest manufacturer of monocalcium phosphate, recognized a strategic interest in investing in this own plant within the industrial complex in Prahovo.

Phosphea secured the supply of all raw materials and energy, along with complete infrastructure and logistic support. The synergy created in the strategic collaboration of the idea of developing industrial Chempark Prahovo.