The ultimate goal in developing the Industrial Chempark Prahovo is the provision of all the services other European chemical parks offer their clients.

  • 1
    Port operator

    All types of docking and reloading of barges, trains and lorries.

  • 2
    Intra-park traffic operator

    Coordination of rail traffic with multiple rail lines and a train station, as well as regulation of road transport with defined sites for reloading stations, depots and parking lots.

  • 3

    Within the industrial complex there is a high-voltage 110/10 KV substation with power of 2 x 31.5 MW.

  • 4

    A modern laboratory offers a wide range of physical and chemical tests and analyses.

  • 5

    Current steam production is 55 tonnes per hour. A plant for thermal treatment of solid and liquid waste (up to 60,000 tonnes per year) is planned, with the thermal energy, also used for production of an additional 45 tonnes of steam per hour.

  • 6
    Waste management

    Management of all kinds of industrial waste generated in the work of production plants.

  • 7
    Water supply

    A pumping station on the Danube with a capacity of 4 x 650 m³ per hour provides water supply for the industrial complex and for fire protection.

  • 8

    Organisation of transport, warehousing and other logistics operations.

  • 9
    Waste water treatment

    A modern plant is being designed for the final treatment of waste water from all production plants on the site (1,000 – 1,500 m³/hr)

  • 10
    Free zone

    A range of fiscal and customs benefits.